Master Wei

She is a chef who comes from Xi’an China came to London in 2008. In 2015, she opened her first restaurant Xi’an Impression. It took no time for the food made by Wei to attract a loyal following and it is named one of the most popular in the Islington area. As a highly regarded female Chef, she has participated in the recording of Once Upon a Bite and Food Chain by Time Out. In 2019, Master Wei Xi’an Cuisine in Bloomsbury, London, will be her first solo restaurant. She is both excited and confident to create an authentic Chinese experience so that more and more people can try delicious Xi’an foods.

She said, “I think Shaanxi food deserves more attention in the UK”.

“my dream is to bring my hometown food here. And I think Xi’an food is very special because it has more than 2000 years of history. I always wanted to run a restaurant specializing in Xi’an food.”

关于油泼面”I choose good quality of flour and make the flour into a big dough, leave it for a while and cut it into small pieces of dough, I roll a piece of dough into a long oval, press down in the middle, and pull it, and then use all my strength slap it hard twice on my worktop, the name of the noodle biangbiang comes from the sound that it makes on the worktop. The Chinese character for Biang is also unique to ShaanXi region. It doesn’t show up anywhere else in China except for this dish.”